Inside The Nairobi Church Where At 2PM On Sunday, Members Engage In Sexual acts Without Protection, Pastor Supervises

A recent disclosure by MP Mary Wa Maua has brought to light a controversial church in Nairobi, allegedly involved in highly unorthodox practices.

According to the MP, this particular church reportedly promotes unprotected sexual activities among its members, with the pastor supposedly overseeing these actions.

The assertions made by MP Mary Wa Maua have ignited a fervent discussion regarding the regulation of religious organizations in the country.

In a surprising revelation during a church service held at the Pentecostal Evangelistic Fellowship of Africa (PEFA) in Murang’a County, MP Mary Wa Maua divulged shocking details about a church located in Nairobi.

She stated that this particular church, which boasts branches nationwide, encourages its members to engage in sexual encounters with the person sitting beside them every Sunday at 2 PM.

According to her account, participants allegedly disrobe and engage in these activities within the church premises while being completely nude.

MP Mary Wa Maua’s statements have evoked a mixture of astonishment and disbelief among the general public.

Many individuals find it challenging to fathom that such practices could be associated with a religious institution. Furthermore, her claims have raised significant concerns regarding the moral integrity of the pastor who purportedly oversees these activities.