I’m Raising Keilah Alone, Its Painful Mtoto Wangu Alikataliwa Na Sura Ni Ya Babake Mzazi Carol Sonnie Says

In her recent YouTube video, Carol Sonnie, the ex-girlfriend of Mulamwah, openly shared her experience of raising her child alone. This comes on the heels of Mulamwah and his current girlfriend, Ruth K, announcing their pregnancy and impending parenthood.

Carol described her journey of single motherhood as unexpectedly fulfilling. Despite the challenges, she acknowledged the tremendous support from her parents in raising her 3-year-old daughter, Keilah. Watching Keilah grow has not only brought Carol joy but also helped her develop better financial management skills and a sense of independence.

However, Carol also revealed the most painful part of her journey: Mulamwah allegedly rejecting their daughter, Keilah, despite their striking resemblance. “The most painful part is when your child is rejected, yet she bears her father’s likeness,” Carol lamented.

Carol did not delve deeply into her current relationship with Mulamwah, but it appears he may not be actively involved in supporting their child. Notably, she mentioned changing Keilah’s name from Keilah Oyando to Keilah Wangui Muthooni, signifying the absence of her father’s name.

Regarding Mulamwah’s relationship with Ruth K, Carol remained reserved in her comments. However, she hinted at introducing her own partner soon, expressing confidence that people would be surprised. Despite the challenges with Mulamwah, Carol appeared joyful and content, evidently thriving in her newfound happiness after parting ways with him.