“I’m John the Baptist,” says Kakamega ‘Prophet’ with 46 Wives and 289 Children, and 232 grandchildren -

“I’m John the Baptist,” says Kakamega ‘Prophet’ with 46 Wives and 289 Children, and 232 grandchildren

Self-proclaimed visionary, Nabii Yohana V, hailing from the remote Nandolia village within the Bukembe West Ward of Kanduyi Constituency, has recently surpassed the late Akuku Danger’s remarkable record.

In contrast to the late Asentus Ogwella Akuku, who had 45 wives and over 210 offspring, Nabii Yohana has entered wedlock with an astonishing 46 wives, who have collectively blessed him with 289 children and 232 grandchildren.

Curiously, three of his wives have passed away, yet he declares that his matrimonial journey is far from over. He attributes this unconventional family expansion to divine intervention, stating, “God chooses these wives for me. I have never courted any of them; rather, God leads them to me. According to God’s decree, I am destined to marry up to 48 wives to avoid committing adultery.” Remarkably, Nabii Yohana has also never shaved since his birth, a symbol of his lifelong commitment.

Nabii, who adheres to a strict vegetarian diet, maintains five residences for his expansive family. Six of his wives reside in Soi, Lugari Sub County, five in Kimilili, five in Chereng’any, 16 in Kakamega town, and four in Kitale town. Notably, his dietary preferences exclude meat entirely, with his wives primarily preparing dishes such as saga, suja (bitter vegetables), and murenda.

Originally named Ronald Nakalila Wanyama, Nabii Yohana claims to be the reincarnation of John the Baptist, stating, “I am John the Baptist, who was beheaded. I lived as a white man in the US and have now returned to Africa, where I am destined to live for 280 years. As per the prophecy I have received, I will experience death but subsequently resurrect and endure for another 2,700 years.”

Nabii believes he has been sent on a divine mission to “save mankind from corruption, homosexuality, and bad governance,” asserting that he is the final prophet sent by God. To fulfill this role, he has undertaken the task of revising the existing Bible, deeming it outdated.

He plans to unveil his Bible on April 23 at the Muungano Church of the Holy Spirit for All Nations in Nandolia village, Bungoma. His new Bible is a monumental effort, taking him 68 years to complete and comprising 93 books, including 48 for the Old Testament. The new Bible notably uses verses instead of chapters, distinguishing it from the traditional Holy Bible.

With a substantial following across Bungoma, Uasin Gishu, Nandi, and Kisumu Counties, Nabii Yohana has set a deadline for Kenyan churches to transition to his teachings by April of the current year.

Additionally, the prophet intends to petition the government for the replacement of the national currency with his own, the “mzawadi,” and proposes relocating the Central Bank headquarters to the Kenya-Uganda border in Lwakhakha, where he plans to launch this new currency. He argues that the current currency is responsible for various societal issues and believes that the image of President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta on the currency suggests it as his private possession.

Intriguingly, Nabii Yohana offers prayers for the ailing and claims to have the power to resurrect the deceased, boasting a clientele that spans from politicians to high-ranking government officials. He describes his method of reviving the dead as “jumping over them three times,” while his approach to healing the sick involves “stepping on them” to facilitate their recovery.