“I’m a Luhya ,Mimi ni Mnoma bed” Ferdinand  Omanyala Brags .

Ferdinand Omanyala, Africa’s renowned sprinter, made waves on the internet recently when he openly discussed his prowess in the bedroom. This candid revelation occurred during the Pulse Live event, where he proudly accepted accolades for his remarkable achievements.

During an interview with an online media outlet, Omanyala and his wife displayed remarkable transparency by addressing all questions thrown their way. Among these inquiries was one about Omanyala’s performance in the bedroom and the belief that engaging in intimate activities before athletic competitions might hinder one’s performance.

In response, Ferdinand dismissed the notion, emphasizing that the key factor is an individual’s energy levels. According to him, indulging in intimate moments has never had a detrimental impact on his performance. He confidently asserted that his abundant energy allows him to maintain peak physical performance regardless of prior activities.

In a light-hearted moment of self-praise, Omanyala proudly attributed his prowess to his Luhya heritage, known in Kenya for the exceptional skills of its men in the bedroom. He humorously stated that Kenyans are well aware of the Luhya men’s reputation for having tremendous energy in that department. Consequently, he firmly believed that indulging in conjugal activities would never compromise his athletic performance. For him, these two aspects of life remained distinctly separate, and he confidently asserted his ability to excel in both domains.

His wife appeared to share his sentiments, consistently nodding in agreement throughout the interview, affirming her husband’s statement.