If he can’t Marry 4 wives and TWATWA us Vizuri, he can’t ever Marry me-Woman declares

Despite the prevalent resistance among women towards polygamous marriages, a recently circulated video featuring a middle-aged woman discussing polygamy has ignited debates across social media platforms.

In the widely shared clip, a Nigerian woman, recognized as Tinuke Vibes on Instagram, conveyed her conviction that her future spouse should not limit himself to marrying only her.

Addressing her prospective husband directly, the woman asserted that if he couldn’t commit to marrying four wives, then he shouldn’t marry her at all.

Tinuke portrayed herself as a caring individual, emphasizing that her husband shouldn’t confine himself to having just one wife. She expressed openness to being the second, third, or fourth wife without any qualms.

Supporting her stance, she argued that her husband couldn’t be exclusively hers due to the disproportionate number of women compared to men in society. Additionally, she stressed her lack of selfishness by allowing her husband to engage with other women.

Providing guidance to contemporary women, Tinuke urged them to alter their mindset for the sake of marital harmony, encouraging them to permit their husbands to embrace polygamous unions.

She concluded by asserting that women should consider following her example and seek to marry a wealthy and capable man.

While the video has generated discussions online, it underscores the varied opinions surrounding the institution of marriage, particularly in the context of polygamy. The discourse raises questions about societal norms and individual choices in the realm of matrimony.