“I Wish I Had A Good Body, nimechoka” Pritty Vishy speaks About Being Rejected by Men And Cyber Bullied

You might be acquainted with Pritty Vishy if you are a regular user of social media platforms. Despite her humble beginnings, she has successfully established herself as an entrepreneur and influential personality.

In a recent post on her official Instagram account, Pritty Vishy addressed the persistent challenges of online harassment and rejection she has encountered based on her body weight.

She shared her experience of enduring constant body-shaming insults and expressed her desire to possess a universally admired figure. In a vulnerable moment, she even contemplated giving in, acknowledging the detrimental impact that cyberbullying has had on her.

Recognizing the difficulty of facing rejection, especially from those expected to offer support and acceptance, Pritty Vishy appealed to the people of Kenya to cultivate kindness, highlighting that it comes at no cost. She came to the realization that there are moments when she simply yearns to be loved, even if it’s by a small circle of individuals, but this remains elusive due to the high standards imposed on her by others.

The issue of cyberbullying has gained considerable attention recently, sparking intense debates. I encourage you to share your thoughts on this subject in the comments section, as I believe it is crucial to engage in a meaningful discussion about it.