I Watched My Dad Die, And Then Came Back To Life.

I grew up on a working farm in Kakamega and often helped my dad.

Three years ago, I helped him cut a large oak. The dealer had taken the trunk away, leaving the limbs. That morning we set up to chop up the remnants.

Woods get heavier the longer it sits on the ground and this had been there for a couple of months, in sections weighing around two tones each.

They were stacked on top of each other with a big 70ft limb, known as a lodger, sticking up in the air. I was standing about 10 meters away from the tree with my back to my dad, making a bonfire with the branches, when I had fait gasps.

I turned around to see the lodger had fallen on to my dad’s back, crushing him against a branch below. I ran to him and held his hand; it was tense but there was no pulse.

Then I felt it relax. There were no signs of life. The next 30 minutes was a blur. No one had a phone because there was no signal at the place we were, so I drove to some cottages some one mile away.

I beeped the horn frantically and shouted: “Find anyone- my dad’s under a tree!” I bursted through the door of the first cottage and ran up and down the stairs, but no one was there.

In the second one, I found an elderly lady, but I knew she cannot help. I just kept going. Someone called 999 for me, and the last house I knocked belonged to oguna, a fire fighter.

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Oguna tried to make sense of what I was saying and told me to put plunks of wood into the boot of his car, where he had full medical kit.

We did not have a second to lose. I jumped in the car and hit the accelerator, driving over a cattle grid, which caused some plunks to fall out of the open boot.

I also realized I had driven off without oguna. I was completely confused. When he caught up with me he gave me some words and a slap, saying I wasn’t going to save my dad’s life until I was calm.

Arriving back at the scene, I saw that the fire brigade and the ambulance had arrived. I was focused on dad, who was now the color of blueberry.

I grabbed the chain saw and started trying to cut him out, sawing dangerously to his ears. Oguna quickly from me and began over sawing over sections while instructing the rest of us take the weight of the branch, slowly lifting it.

Once freed, dad was laid out flat on the ground and we began doing a first aid for him. It was then that we were able to see a full extent of his injuries.

His chest was exposed, and i could one of his lungs. His stomach was swollen. One of the medics cut small nicks on either side of his abdomen to let out fluid. Colour rushed into his face and he began to vomit.

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The ambulance rushed him to a nearby health facility in the town. My mum had been out food shopping and only found out about everything when she gets back.

I knew when I tell him what had happened she would even faint since he had a blood pressure. Drama had just begun and dad was induced into a coma to help him recover. Day after day we would sit with him.

Even the tiniest sighs of life, such as his pee bag filling up, were glimmers of hope.After two weeks on the coma bed, things became tougher, no signs of relieve he was exhibiting.

We organized to transfer him to much equipped health facility, The Aghakan Hospital in Kisumu. We spent about three weeks in the medical facility and still things were not working.

The little signs of hope he was showing was no more. He was not eating nor talking. Blinking was no more. I really felt sorry for him. My mum would at times break into tears when she looked at him on the coma bed.

This also made me shade tears as I thought of good relationship we had with dad. I returned home to make sure everything was okay since mum was keeping with dad in the hospital on a coma bed.

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As I was watching the 9pm news I saw testimonials of people who had fallen sick and had been healed by Kiwanga Doctors.

I wrote everything in my note book-their addresses and contacts. At 10pm I was at hospital with signs of hope.

I informed my mum about the doctors and she did not hesitate rather than discharging dad from the hospital. I had hope with the Kiwanga Doctors. After spending two days at the Kiwanga facilities, dad began to talk and now he started sitting.

It seemed like his appetite was back. It was a sign of relief. The fourth day we were discharged by the Kiwanga Doctors where everything was in order. It was really a happy family.

A year later we fenced the tragic scene where the remaining big oaks attracted people from different parts of the country as tourists.

Later Oguna won the off-duty life saver of the year award.

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