“I was dumped through a text message some fee days before we could be pronounced as husband and wife” A lady decries

Weddings marks the begging of a long marriage life. To the family, it shows how the two have
agreed to be one and also it makes the bride and bridegroom family one thing. A lady by the
name Precious 33 year old highlights the painful moments she went through just a day before
their wedding. She says they had planned everything and it was just a matter of hours before
their wedding when her expected husband to be alerted him using a text message that he had
moved on with another woman.

She says the massage broke her heart as she they had even hired everything that would be
needed in the wedding and people were prepared for this big day. She says they met at a
friend’s weeding and fell in love. She felt ashamed as it was something that she never believed
it would have happened. She cried the whole day and as it was a heart break of the highest
order she never imagined at one particular time it would have happened into her life.
However these were just escapades of life as she told herself. She faced a lot of stigma to each
and every place she went as people would ask the reason that led to the wedding being called
off. People had prepared to see her in a wedding gown. She says she forgot about it and
concentrated on his job endeavors. Through an article on a popular website she came through this man Dr Mugwenu. She had his contacts and
she had read how this man would cast out the bad omens in her life that might have even led to
bouncing of her wedding.

Dr Mugwenu casted out the spells and told her that he exercises doctor-patient confidentiality
and neither her records, files nor identity would be shared to a third party nor made public
unless on her own volition if she decided to make a testimony. After some few months, the lady
shared her wedding cute photos with the man she decided to get into marriage with. She said
that her former boyfriend was now yearning to get back to her for marriage but she was
concentrating on her marriage as she loved her new husband.
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