“I want to have “TWA TWA” with my mother” – Boy confesses

A 23-year-old Nigerian man recently made an anonymous confession, revealing his disturbing desire to have sexual relations with his biological mother. The man admitted that he has been harboring this desire for the past six years, and although he acknowledges that it is considered an abomination, he cannot help but feel strongly attracted to his mother.

The young man explained that his mother has always taken care of him since the death of his father. He stated that he feels a surge of passion every time he looks at her, and he fears that he may not be able to resist fulfilling his desire for much longer.

This confession has understandably caused a lot of concern, and some social media users have advised the young man to seek counseling. They have emphasized that engaging in sexual activity with one’s own mother is absolutely unacceptable and that he needs professional help to address this issue.

In conclusion, this disturbing confession highlights the importance of seeking help when struggling with sexual desires that are harmful or taboo. It is crucial to understand that seeking counseling or therapy is not a sign of weakness but rather a proactive step towards addressing such issues and preventing potentially damaging consequences.