I Stayed For 10 Years Without Getting A Kid; Man Narrates.

I Stayed For 10 Years Without Getting A Kid, All The Efforts Were In Vain Having a kid always makes a relationship more stable since with the kid’s cements the relationship hence the source of joy in any relationship.

It is always thought especially in the African set up that in ability not to get a kid is always thought lack of getting a kid is always the fault of a woman.

People forget that men also can be impotent at any particular time as this was a case to me as it was revealed by the medical doctors who tested this.

It was really a challenging situation since my wife knew that I was impotent.

I lost hope in everything for being a man with no kids meant nothing especially in this African set up.

When I realized I was not in the ability to make my wife pregnant, I started seeking various medication and treatment to even herbalists in town.

At some point I even thought of allowing my brother to have sex with my wife so that at least a look alike kid would continue my generation.

The situation really was a bad one since I could not even argue with my wife for many were the times I sparked an argument and she ended up abusing me that a man who has inability to have her pregnant was just a disgrace to her and the entire society at large.

My wife at some point started to play outside our wedlock so that she could just get a baby. I went into different churches to seek prayers and intervention but there was no sign of hope any time soon.

I even at some point thought of artificial insemination but this would not help since being impotent meant I was infertile and my sperms could not fertilize the ova and so the artificial insemination would also be a difficult task to do at this particular point.

As time went by, my wife deprived me my conjugal rights for she said she was tired of having an intercourse with a man that could not dare make her pregnant at any given point.

These words were enough to lower my self esteem as a man.

Many were the times I found her red handed having sex with other men in the name she was looking for a kid but I knew despite being impotent, I was not in a position of hitting the cookie to the maximum.

This really made my wife to look for the away matches since the home player was really on the sick bay in terms of sex satisfaction.

In the process of trying to find a solution, I met John a friend who had come from abroad.

He really wondered why I did not have a kid but I later shared to him what I was going through.

He told me there were real herbalists in town known as Kiwanga doctors who had really helped him clinch a job in Canada and they would help me end my impotence.

The next morning we were at Kiwanga doctors’ offices. I was attended to and later went back home.

After three days my wife started saying I had really changed my game since she was really enjoying each time we had sex.

After a week she went for a pregnancy test where she tested positive. She was really pregnant. Kiwanga doctors had really brought that harmony in my marriage.

We later got twins as our first born and that was the end of a ten year wait of getting a child.

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