I Slept with Another Man to get Money To take My Husband To Hospital his Family Abandoned Him,Wife Narrates

Peris, a woman whose journey unfolded amidst adversity, shares a poignant tale of sacrifice and desperation. Her narrative begins in Nairobi, where she crossed paths with her husband while employed as a nanny. Their union blossomed, marked by the arrival of a child and a shared home.

Yet, fate took a harsh turn when her husband lost his job, plunging him into a downward spiral of depression and substance abuse. Despite her efforts to intervene, his path remained unchanged. As time wore on, his health deteriorated, manifesting in agonizing stomach pains that went untreated due to financial constraints.

Peris, driven by unwavering determination, resorted to washing clothes for others to make ends meet. Desperation led her to seek financial aid from a client, pleading for assistance to cover her husband’s medical expenses. Promising to repay the sum through her labor, she secured a fraction of the required funds.

Upon learning of her husband’s dire diagnosis of kidney failure, Peris reached out to his family, only to be met with indifference and neglect. Left with no alternative, she approached her client once more, beseeching for additional funds. However, the conditions imposed were morally distressing: exchanging her body for financial relief.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Peris faced an excruciating choice, compelled by her husband’s suffering and the absence of viable alternatives. Succumbing to the weight of her circumstances, she acquiesced to the demands, securing the necessary funds to initiate her husband’s dialysis treatment.

Tragically, despite her valiant efforts, fate dealt a final blow as her husband succumbed to his illness during his hospitalization. Peris’s harrowing account underscores the lengths individuals traverse in the pursuit of survival and the grim realities of navigating life’s harshest trials.