“I paid her university fees,rent but she still cheated on me”,Ndovu Kuu reveals

Christopher Thande Githara, popularly known as Ndovu Kuu, faces some significant challenges that could attract attention from female students at Kenyatta University (KU).

The main audience for Thika Road residents seems to be those who resonate with the artist’s heartbreak-themed songs.

Ndovu Kuu attributes the inspiration for his songs to his experiences in the dating scene during his time at university, where the notorious actions of some campus girls left him heartbroken.

During a discussion with Gatwiri, a content producer who claimed to have attended the same college as Ndovu Kuu, they delved into the topic of what some girls on campus do in exchange for financial support.

In a revealing interview on the Wicked Edition with Dr. Kingori, Ndovu Kuu disclosed that he was a significant attraction for a girl in a troubled relationship.

Having dated the girl before they entered university, Ndovu Kuu opened up about the heartbreak he experienced with someone he had envisioned as his future bride. His self-confidence was shattered when he discovered she had been unfaithful.

“I was involved with a girl who didn’t have financial stability. It surprised me; it was a bit of interception. I was even providing her with financial support, not knowing I was being taken advantage of,” he expressed regret about his past choices.

The pain lingered over time, and Ndovu Kuu used his music as an outlet to cope. Reflecting on the relationship, he said, “She was a very loyal girl. When we went to campus, I was thinking I have a future wife; I’ll let her finish school. But I experienced betrayal after two weeks.”

Having paid her rent during their time at university, Ndovu Kuu shared, “I had covered her rent outside; we were like siblings. Little did I know that the school environment would change everything. My mind was invested; she was my life, my better half, and then…”

Vowing never to date a campus girl again, he declared, “Once bitten, twice shy – it’s a no-go zone.”

Dr. Kingori encouraged Ndovu Kuu and Gatwiri to use their platform to create awareness and change perceptions surrounding relationships and dating experiences.