“I Only Date 5 Men Every Month People Say Am Overdoing It. I’m Just Sampling Through For My Mr Right”- 27 Year Old Woman Says

Just when you believe you’ve mastered the intricacies of understanding men, anticipating their desires, and discerning the optimal circumstances for connection, a surprising revelation emerges—they yearn for a woman of substance….CONTINUE READING

In my romantic pursuits, Reuben initially appreciated my wit and culinary prowess, only to later express dissatisfaction with my perceived lack of a clear vision and future plan. Despite a year-long, on-and-off relationship, James, who came closest to proposing, departed, citing my playful nature and perceived lack of conviction in spiritual matters, particularly my refusal to accept the Bible as flawless.

Numerous suitors entered and exited my life, yielding minimal progress. Consequently, I’ve established a self-imposed limit of engaging with five men each month in my quest for a soulmate and life partner. I’ve relinquished the notion of preserving myself for marriage and ceased attaching importance to one’s past. The lessons learned from men have led me to adopt a cautious approach, as they’ve proven to be unreliable in matters of the heart, harboring secrets such as being involved in marriages without one’s knowledge.

Acknowledging the potential consequences, I’ve chosen to prioritize my happiness over societal expectations. Embracing my resilience and the elasticity of this “canal,” also known as “mtaro,” I’ve recognized its regenerative capabilities. With three weeks dedicated to personal hygiene, along with the aid of deodorants, lemon, coke, and baking powder, I confidently navigate the dating landscape. Hailing from Machakos as a Kamba, I find that my background requires no further elucidation.