I never meant to Kill my 1-year-old baby girl.

I never meant to Kill my 1-year-old baby girl.

It happened so fast that I had no control over myself.See, me and Molly have been in a relationship for 2 years now. We meet at one of those church occasions.

To be real, I had seen Molly in church and I fell in love with her. I’m not so much into church so when we first exchanged numbers, I had attended their youths meeting and pretended to be that holy dude (Chuckles).I did the closing prayers and guess what, mission was a success, she came to me and rained praise on me, and that’s how we started our love journey.

Fast forward, we started dating and it was amazing, forget the #Vasha craze, Molly and I did all the crazy stuffs together, road trips, klubing and my favorite was when she suggested a threesome and guess what, she suggested we invite her best friend, Anna.Maahn, I have never had such a thrilling ride with two ladies.

Threesomes’ are epic but I’ll tell the story some other time right here muranganewspaper.co.ke if I will get out of prison still alive.On the day I killed our little angel, she had come home late and the Nanny had already left, you can guess… Yeah, I had to baby-sit our little princess.She came in at around 9pm looking tipsy and messed up. I have no problem with her drinking but she should have at least told me that she’d be late.

I was mad at her, really mad. Not because of the baby issue or her coming home late and drunk, but because she had told Anna (the one we had a 3 some with) to never step in our house… Like ever! Me and Anna after the 3some had kept in touch cause she was soo sweet, I guess she also liked how I did it on her (my 10 inches ain’t too bad, right?).

My wife telling her to never come to our house was, I donno how to put it but it made me angry, she dint know that me and Anna were doing ‘small small’.So, our argument started and before I could say anything, I got a call from a friend. Molly snatched my phone and lammedd it on our 48 inch TV, cracking the TV and breaking my phone.She event went ahead to destroy my X-box game console. (Ladies, never mess with a man’s Xbox or his Playstation, I repeat, that’s a no go zone).

I got so mad and she ran to our bedroom where the baby was sleeping and without knowing, threw herself in bed, hitting our baby hard, she realized what she had done and started yelling at me again, I didn’t know what was going on, the baby started crying in pain.I went and took the baby from the bed, Molly was still yelling.

She took the pillow and started hitting me.Trying to understand what I had done wrong, I went close to where she was standing, at the left side of the bed, and held her hand, it broke me seeing her cry… I love her so much, I really do.Forgetting I hand a baby on my hands, I held both her hands… We were brought back to reality after a soggy sound, I felt warm liquid flow on my legs, it was red, thick and warm, our baby had hit the ground head first….She was dead, Molly looked at me, I looked at the baby..Molly screamed, she sobbed.

I remained silent, I had killed our baby…accidentally.I’m now serving a 5 year jail term, Molly never visits me in prison, I still see our baby’s blood on my legs and it breaks me to pieces. I regret not knowing how to handle my wife. I’m messed up, I want to hang myself but before I go, I’ll write the story about the threesome…

Fictional Story Created By Murang’a Newspaper