I managed to complete campus a virgin; my husband thanked me.

People always think that graduating from university as a virgin is not possible. Some say being a virgin is caused by lack of chance or opportunities; well in my own case it was never because of lack of opportunities but discipline.

While I was in high school, almost all my friends had boyfriends who they bragged of most of the time. I felt the odd one out and was compelled to have one but not. It wasn’t because I was not interested, but because of my upbringing. I was scared and moreover, I didn’t want to do anything that will bring disgrace and embarrassment to my family. My parents never wanted this to be part of their daughter.

I graduated from High School in 2014 and then got admission to one of the prestigious university in Kenya. My roommate was a total opposite of myself, she enjoys going to parties, clubs, taking alcohol and other social gatherings.

Sometimes, I’ll have to go out of the room because she’s bringing in her boyfriend. I would always sleep at my lodgemates room, and sometimes we do have misunderstanding because of the behavior of bringing in her boyfriends.

I wasn’t a sociable type of person due to my upbringing. My Dad was very strict with me as I was the only daughter at home. I never mingled with people so much. Talk of an introvert type of a lady.

After four years of my college and graduated, I went back home with my parents very happy. We held a party in that regard and they thanked me for not letting them down. It was an emotional moment as tears rolled down my cheeks.

Two days later my parents told me that it is time I should get a good job and a husband to settle down with now that I was done with education. They were ready to bless me. They arranged to take me to a traditional herbalist who would clean my life for prosperity. The native doctor by the name of Mugwenu washed my life and did some Prosperity Spell casting and within just two weeks, I got a job and a man to marry. I couldn’t believe that life was that interesting.

I am advising fellow women never to misbehave while still in school since there is life after school. Time wasted will never be recovered.

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