I lasted 2 minutes, so my Kamba girlfriend got annoyed, left and went to my neighbour’s house to…

Two weeks without some action was long, my body was on fire, so I was quick, didn’t even finish removing clothes, but I only lasted 2 minutes, so she got annoyed and went to my neighbour to get what I did not give her.

A man in his thirties has left social media with mixed reactions with a story of how he almost lost his relationship after he failed to perform in bed to the expectations of his lover.

Anyonje works in Kisumu, while his lover is employed in Nairobi, so they meet over the weekends, or sometimes they can stay two weeks or a month before seeing each other.

Whenever they meet, it is always fireworks; if you know, you know.

The uji power trick for bedroom power

Every time Anyonje travels to Nairobi, he usually passes around Ronald Ngala Street, where he grabs two cups of Uji power, which he claims makes him a bull in the sheets.

In October 2023, as usual, he travelled to Nairobi to see his girl. As usual, he took his dose of Uji power, knowing it would give him the proper energy to do some serious ‘plumbing’.

Here is his narration:

“So, I arrived at the house. The girl was ready for me. The music was right, chilled wine was served, and the perfume was tops. And the food, Weeh! She had cooked chapoo, beef and when I was arriving mokimo was getting ready. Whenever she does that, I just know she is preparing me for some serious action.

I helped with the cooking, and once we were done, we relaxed, sipped on the wine and ate. After the meal, we relaxed a bit. I was just hoping that the food would go down to my scrotum and give me more energy to do some serious work.

After about 30 minutes, she came for some cuddling; she knows how to time. We got busy. But since dry spell was finishing me, I didn’t even romance for long. I decided it was time. I found she was ready and dripping.

But after two minutes, I was done, but I told myself that uji power was going to wake me again very fast for round two. We waited for over an hour. The cassava was not rising, and she got pissed off.

“Why did you even start it if you knew you were not going to finish? Sasa mbona una niwacha hivi, unataka nifanye nini? This is bad,”  she said as she walked away and went outside. 

After another 30 minutes, she was still away. My cassava was still dead. I called her, but she was not picking. I rushed outside. She was nowhere to be seen.

So, I asked the estate kiosk man if he had seen her and he said she had entered Jonte’s house.

I knew I was finished. Jonte is this well-built guy who is known not to spare women. He has many women, and many others thirst over him.

I know him, we usually chat. This time round, I did not knock. I just budged inside. On the table, I saw two cans of Tusker cider. I knew my woman had been marinated. But it was not the case.

They were seated on opposite chairs and catching up with the 7pm news.  I Apologised and took my babe back home.

Love Spell Charm Talisman

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