I have been to heaven 4 times, God calls me sometimes– Ghanaian pastor says.

A Ghanaian pastor has shocked the world after revealing that he has been to heaven four times and is ready for a fifth and infinity visits to spiritual transcendence.

In an interview with a Ghanaian radio, the pastor alleged that he has been to heaven and not once or twice, but four times.

He stated that God Himself ordained him to spread the gospel to the humans and tell them about the heavenly gifts that awaits them when they leave according to the gospel.

In the interview, the radio host who seemingly sounded shocked after the revelation, asked him if he has been to heaven for real, the pastor affirmed.

“Now, it’s God who has called you because you have been to heaven. You have been to heaven, right?” the host asked.

“Yes, I have been to heaven four times,” the man answered.