I Forgave My Unfaithful Husband Severally, But He Still Cheated On Me. -

I Forgave My Unfaithful Husband Severally, But He Still Cheated On Me.

Being loyal to each other in any relationship is always a healthy thing since it reduces the chances of bringing sexual transmitted diseases. It even instills that moral responsibility of both the couples to be responsible.

Couples who are loyal to each other do not spend that much since the little they have always they utilize for there are no other persons in the chain who squander their money at any particular moment. This was a very different case when it came to me. We had been living together with my husband Moses for two years down the line.

We had been officially married where we did a huge wedding and we vowed to be loyal to each other despite what comes our way at any particular time. As time went by Moses behavior changed and really I did not understand what really made him to have a turn around since I provided anything he wanted.

Severally I had found Moses cheating on me. He had several conversations in his phone that really showed he had some side chicks elsewhere. In other texts, she called me a very much wet lady that is I produced very much wetness each moment we were having some sex which really made him lose that appetite to me.

One day I ambushed him in our room when I had lied to him I had gone home to visit my parents only to find him screwing a young lady who seemed to be a university student. He really was sorry and at that particular time he vowed not to cheat again in marriage. I had much hope in him since I knew each time he said anything he really meant he was saying.

I did not bother that much as I forgave him us my husband. Furthermore there was no need of having grudges for a long time yet we were couples who used the same bed.As time went by, I realized my husband had really not changed fully at all. I ambushed him again with someone else wife and this time round it brought a commotion where we fought with the lady she was cheating me with.

Things were not good as the husband to the lady filed a case against my husband which led him to be arrested, fined and later released. The guy really did not change the behavior for sometimes at night he used to receive phone calls of some women he called his sisters. He had a unique style of saving women names on phone where she could even save as “plumber” “mechanic” just to mention a few.

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The next morning she accompanied me to Kiwanga doctors and I was really attended to. Two days after I had returned home, my husband was a little calm this time round. He appeared attracted to me each moment. He rarely received the disturbing phone calls he used to like before.

I really knew Kiwanga Doctors had really helped me at large to curb his dishonesty in our marriage. Each time he went outside maybe for a drive he would ask for my company. Romance was really on another level this time round in our marriage.

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