I Dropped Out In Class 2 And My Big ‘Nyash’ Has made me Very Rich, Manzi Wa Kibera says -

I Dropped Out In Class 2 And My Big ‘Nyash’ Has made me Very Rich, Manzi Wa Kibera says

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and socialite Manzi Wa Kibera, caused stir online after, she decided to reveal to the public how having a curvy body, with big ‘nyash’ has really changed her life.

Speaking in an interview with Massawe Jappani at Radio Jambo, Manzi wa Kibera said that she dropped out of school at primary 2. School was boring and she decided to drop out and focus on other important things in her life.

Despite being a class 2 dropout Manzi wa Kibera said that she has two degree certificates that she bought and one is for human resource. The socialite said for her education has never and will never be a priority because currently she is living a good life because of having big behinds.

Manzi wa Kibera said that most men salivate at her and they always send her enough money. The money has enabled her to sustain her lavish lifestyle in Nairobi City and enjoy life .

She boldly said that with her good looks and admirable body shape, she is sure that she will get married to a rich man. The socialite who is dating a 65 years old man, said that she is just waiting for the old man to leave and she starts dating a young man who is rich.

In defending her statements about education being a scam, Manzi wa Kibera used examples of other successful socialites like Vera Sidika and Risper Faith and many more others, who are living in expensive Mansions in suburbs because of having curvy body shapes and admirable behinds.

The socialite said that she is on her way to greatness and she is very sure that her big ‘nyash’ will make her live her dream life in expensive leafy suburbs and drive expensive cars just like other socialites.