” I Charge Ksh.100,000 For Sleepover” A Kenyan Male Tiktoker Jude Magambo Says.

Jude Magambo, widely known as Manzi Wa Meru, has bravely decided to openly discuss his sexuality, marking a significant moment for LGBTQ visibility in Kenya.

In a recent interview with an online media outlet, Magambo disclosed his dating preferences and the terms of his intimate engagements with other men. Renowned for his presence on TikTok, he has chosen to declare publicly that he is exclusively attracted to men. His awareness of his sexual orientation dates back to his high school years, and since then, he has pursued relationships solely with men, with no intention of ever dating a woman.

Magambo revealed that he is currently in a relationship with a prominent politician in Kenya, alongside Maxwell Mwamburi, who shares a similar sexual orientation. Interestingly, the politician’s wife remains unaware of her husband’s involvement with other men, including Magambo and Mwamburi.

Acknowledging his involvement in sex work, Magambo stated that he provides services to men within the LGBTQ community, charging a fee of Ksh. 100,000 per night. His services, which include various intimate activities, are reportedly highly sought after, with Magambo assuring satisfaction to those interested and reaching out to him.

The narrative surrounding LGBTQ identities is evolving in contemporary Kenyan society, with a growing number of individuals feeling empowered to disclose their sexual orientation openly. This shift reflects a broader trend towards greater acceptance and visibility for the queer community in Kenya, signaling a progressive movement reminiscent of developments in the United States.