“I caught my husband cheating on me more than once but I still love him” A woman tells court

The woman said this while responding to a divorce suit filed by her husband whom she accused of
cheating on her.
“I came home unannounced and I caught my husband making love to a girl; he jumped up when he
noticed my presence. I also saw him with a woman in a hotel near our house when I went to buy food.
He begged me not to expose him because of his position in the church and I kept it a secret,” she said.
The respondent said her husband was always jealous and had often accused her of dating every man
he saw her with. “My husband stopped me from working claiming men are dating me,” she said.
The mother of four said that what used to cause their frequent fights was his penchant for buying
things for the children of his first wife and ignoring her own.
She begged the court not to grant her husband’s wish for the dissolution of the marriage, claiming that
she was still in love with him.
Her husband, Joseph, had approached the court seeking to end his 11-year-old marriage over his wife’s
alleged infidelity.
“My wife is cheating on me, she receives calls from men at odd hours,” he said.The petitioner accused
his wife of going out and returning at will. My wife abandoned me and the children for one year for an
unknown destination; she came back and left for another seven months. She was always going to
parties and spending days before coming back,” the estranged husband said.
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