I busted my brother mercilessly enjoying my wife’s private’s parts

My name is Mike and I was married to my wife for 15 years where we both loved each other and treated each other with respect. In addition, we had three children who were in primary school.

During last Christmas, we went home in the village for the Christmas holidays to spend time with family and friends since my extended family had a family gathering event. I took my family with me to Nyeri where we were to spend two weeks before the school re-opened in January. man on bed head in hands - black sad man stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

In the village, my older brother lived alone since he had divorced his wife and he is the one who welcomed us after arriving. On Christmas day, we celebrated by slaughtering a cow and lots of beer and it was really fun. My wife on the hand spent her time in the kitchen cooking for the guests.

In the evening of December 25, I tried looking for my wife but I could not find her. I searched for her everywhere and even tried calling her phone but she still was not picking. I wanted us to take a photo together with the family.

After a few hours, my wife emerged and when I tried asking where she had been, she told me she was taking a nap in the neighbour’s house and though it seemed true, I just did not buy her story. We went to sleep in our small house which I had built in the village and at around 2am, I heard my wife’s phone buzzing with message notifications.

She was dead asleep and so I decided to check who was texting her in the middle of the night. I was so astonished to find my older brother sending my wife intimate texts.

“Hi, I am just thinking of the great sex that we had earlier and I cannot wait to meet you again tomorrow so that we can have more,” my brother wrote to my wife. distraught military veteran talks with counselor - black sad man stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

I was wide-eyed for a moment as I read his text message and I could not believe he was shamelessly having sex with my wife. I did not know how to react to that message but I knew for a fact the two had betrayed me.

I immediately jumped out of bed and went to see my mother in her house that night since I wanted her to speak to my brother and tell him to stay away from my wife. On narrating everything to my mother, she told me she had a better idea for cheating people.

“Just call Doctor Mugwenu and let him stick the two when they make love so that they can learn a lesson,” my wise mother said.

We called Doctor Mugwenu that early morning and I immediately went to see him. He performed a couple of spells and told me he would stick them when they had sex. I went back to home at around 8am after meeting Doctor Mugwenu who had assured me that his spells worked in less than 24 hours.

Later that afternoon, we were all alarmed by wails that emanated from my brother’s house. We rushed there only to find my wife and brother glued together at their genitals when having sex. I was shocked beyond words to see them. My family castigated them for their shameful acts.

They cried bitterly as they were ashamed of being busted. Later on, Doctor Mugwenu unstuck them where they were both punished in the village by being whipped for disrespecting me. I decided to forgive my wife since I was still in love with her. usa, florida, miami beach, young couple using cell phone in the city - black sad man stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

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