“I am the new woman in this house! Leave this house and never come back!”: My house girl snatched my husband and chased me out of my house

My name is Pamela and four months ago, I brought in new house help to take care of the domestic chores in my house since I had gotten a promotion at work which meant I had more responsibilities in my work and thus I would spend lots of time at work.

Her name was Mary and I actually began liking her because she would take care of my house and children and even cook for my husband when I was late at work. She was also very respectful and obedient and she actually won over my heart. 3,500+ Black Woman Divorce Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

However, last month, I started noticing some changes in her behaviour which were very weird. She started wearing short dresses and skirts. She was not as active as before and this worried me. I even thought she wanted a raise in salary but when I talked to her, she said she was fine and nothing was bothering her.

I then warned her against wearing the skimpy dresses and though she told me she would change that behaviour, she didn’t. The dresses became shorter and when I told my husband that I wanted to chase her away, he told me not to do so since her performance in domestic chores was impressive.

However, three days later, I came home from work very tired and immediately after eating, I went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I woke up and my husband was not sleeping next to me.I jumped out of the bed to look for him. I went to the living room and when I walked in, I found my husband and house girl seated on the same sofa watching television.

3,500+ Black Woman Divorce Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images -  iStock

They, however, looked tensed and I asked my husband why he had not come to sleep and he said that he had been carried away by a movie that was showing on TV. I asked him to join me in bed and when he came closer to me, I noticed he had lipstick on his lips and when I looked at my house help, she had the same lipstick. He also weirdly smelled like her and immediately my suspicions kicked in.

I started observing them for a few days and indeed you could tell there was something going on between the two. Few nights after I discovered that they were having an affair, I decided to confront them. That was the worst decision I made since they both ganged up on me and they beat me.

My husband and house help beat me for confronting them! I could not even fathom that. They chased me out of my house and told me never to come back.

“I am the new woman in this house! Leave this house and never come back!” my house help screamed at me as she was chasing me out. I went to live with my sister that night whom I told of what had transpired between my husband and my domestic worker.

“Do not worry my sister, you will get back your husband and that domestic worker of yours will be left in shame, she said. She told me of Doctor Mugwenu who had the capability to bring restore broken marriages. My sister said the doctor used his spell casting powers to bring back any love lost in marriages.

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She gave his number and I called him. I told him of what I had gone through in my marriage and he asked me to meet him the next day since he had the ultimate help for me. After we met, he did the get my husband back spell which he said would bring my husband’s senses back.

Two days after my visit to Doctor Mugwenu, my husband came to look for me early in the morning. He knelt down and was crying begging for forgiveness. He said he was stupid to cheat on me but he would never repeat that again. He further said he had already chased the house help out of our house.

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