“Huyu Si Bahati Wa Zamani”  Bahati And Diana Marua Stir Netizens With Their Latest Skit -

“Huyu Si Bahati Wa Zamani”  Bahati And Diana Marua Stir Netizens With Their Latest Skit

Singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua are making waves in the content creation industry, leaving netizens buzzing with their latest funny skit. The skit humorously portrayed how men feel when their partners hand them their handbags to hold.

In the short video, Bahati held Diana’s handbag, but the moment he did, he comically transformed into a red dress, wig, and red lipstick, highlighting the amusing situation men might experience in such moments. Bahati playfully exclaimed, “Ladies, this is how your man feels when you give him your handbag to hold for you. Aki babe, kila mtu ajibebee vitu zake aargh @DianaMarua.”

As expected, the skit garnered mixed reactions from netizens. While some criticized the couple, others commended their effort and found the skit entertaining. Several supporters also appreciated the couple’s resilience, noting how they are pursuing content creation despite the negative feedback.

The internet community expressed diverse opinions, with some writing comments like “We lost him,” “Number one bullshit guys,” and “Bahati needs a new manager because this isn’t the Bahati we know.” However, there were also positive remarks such as “I love the fact that they continue making money as a couple from what haters assume of them, continue hating for more ideas of making money. This couple is legit. Still having fun at the same time. As you hate they make money,” and “This family is creative, they have a bright future.”

Interestingly, the skit emerged shortly after the couple faced criticism over another video they had previously uploaded. In that particular video, they were in bed, and Bahati reenacted a romantic scene in the middle of the night, which some netizens found inappropriate.

Amidst the criticism and controversies, Bahati and Diana have been facing, there is still ongoing scrutiny following a viral video where Diana was seen getting too comfortable with singer KRG during a club party.

Overall, the couple remains undeterred and continues to captivate audiences with their unique content creation efforts, proving their creativity and determination in the face of adversity.