Husband Butchers Wife's Arm After Suspecting Infidelity (Graphic Images).

Husband Butchers Wife’s Arm After Suspecting Infidelity (Graphic Images).

A lady identified as Roselyen Victory O’Neill has come out to reveal how her husband butchered he hand and legs after claim of Infidelity.

The Nigerian lady narrating her sad story said that she never cheated on her husband and he was just acting out of insecurities.

Read her lengthy story:

“Yes Today is the 4th month since the sad incident and I’m grateful to God and Him alone always.VIEWER’S DISCRETION Advised!

Here is the story:On the 27th of Dec 2020,I woke up tired around 5:30am to arrange myself and by 6am I was the road, because tired or not I must provide for myself as usual and to do that I need to hustle day and night.

Firstly I went to atakpa here in Calabar to get things for my pepper soup and to watt market to get other things.Yes that morning I was blessed but never knew what the devil had for me, I sold off everything before 1pm or there about and I was happy about it.

Was so tired to make soup for my clients.Mind you I didn’t even have a bathe before leaving home as I thought I was gonna get home from market to do that (that’s my spirit oh I no want hear say I lose my customers).

I called Michael(My ex-husband)to please get me the meat I had in the fridge as I couldn’t leave the stand due to high orders,and I was alone – all my store helpers I had left for Xmas. I needed to cook,serve,pack plates,pack bottles,wash plates,pots,glasses and lots all by myself.

Later on, my distant relative came and my niece too to help out I was glad they came.Around 6pm Ex husband came with my son(othniel) and the meats which I prepared and because I already had orders, in 30 mins the whole shaki and kpomo was finished and more orders still came.

I rushed to bogobri, had my bathe and change of clothes to get set for the day.Still been in my business mood which some friends knows I don’t joke with anything business.

The main story now:An old friend whom I haven’t seen in about 3 years or so, came around the Christmas village(somewhere close to where I had my stand), but the stand he went to didn’t have what he wanted, he was directed to my stand.

He got there and saw the stand name “O’Neill” and told my sister(relative) that he recognises the name and being that the name isn’t common it was easy to tell.

He requested for the food he wanted but the food wasn’t available… A lot went on between him and my girl and all the while I was outside not knowing what went on the inside I came in to get drinks for other clients outside when I saw him and out of shock I shouted his name and gave him a hug and told him was busy and couldn’t talk My helpers left around 8 or so and I was left alone again to do everything.

It was then announced to all customers that we will be closing by 11pm instead of the regular 9:30pm which was as a result of curfew in the state then.

Then my boy had slept and I advised ex husband who was carrying him, to take the baby home that today being the last Sunday I have to make my sales cos we do sell much on Sundays,that I will be coming home immediately am done.

Uncle agreed and left.When everything ended around 11pm,I was not just tired but weak as I hadn’t eaten in days (no time to even do that).

I stared at the bottles,plates,cups,pots.. how do I start arranging,and if u leave them outside,ur cups and bottles are gone the next day as fellow vendors will do you a favour by taking them all.

I wanted to take the risk cos I needed to be home to bathe,rest and get a good sleep on my bed.I called the driver who usually takes me home to come pick me his number wasn’t going through.

It had gotten very late already and all I needed was to sleep and I didn’t mind sleeping at my stand as it wasn’t unusual during festive periods like Christmas.

This friend of mine was still around too enjoying the cruise of Calabar he has left for years. He had tried calling Bolt but the charges were high and the probability of even taking me to home was uncertain so I decided to spend the night there.The friend also decided to join.

It wasn’t unusual, there were many people around, security personnel and all… The place was just busy and rowdy as.calabr cultural center would be during Christmas period.

I made spaghetti for both of us to eat, we discussed (strictly business) and then I slept off on the chairs I had arranged.I never knew oga has gone home and returned to the stand, made all the preparations cos I didn’t return home and he came in the company of his colleague at work.

Like I said I had slept off never knew about my friend. The next thing I heard was Michael’s voice beating the table that was in front of us.

I opened my eyes and there the drama started,calling me names prostitute ohh,cheat oh plenty I no fit count. That am cheating on him bla bla bla this time accompanied by an anti-cultism man that was on night duty.

I couldn’t understand how sitting on a chair turned to cheating. My friend even tried to explain to him that it’s not actually what it is afterall he never met us in a compromising position or even close to each other… we were far apart from each other.

Hubby didn’t care to listen to what any of us had to say.Me here sleep still d my eye oh and was over tired and with severe headache.I asked what he was doing?how can he accuse me when u haven’t caught me in the act,if I had wanted to do anything oga hotels don finish were I go do for cultural center field haba na ogaaaaaaa.

He told me ” if u don’t kill me this night then am sure of killing u”. I tried standing but my leg was weak and I had to sit back.

I then asked him what statement was that,cos I don’t like rough talks.Abeg sleep still d my eye sef oh …. as I got up to give him space,I saw him remove something from behind him, heaven knows I thought it was a belt and he brought it straight to my left chest,thinking he wants to beat me with it as usual, I used my left hand to block what was coming, that was when I felt a deep pain and then I knew I was done for.

He repeated the stabs like 3 times still aiming to my left chest by then I fell to the ground,couldnt shout,couldn’t talk,couldn’t scream couldn’t move cos I was weak and in pains now too… and the place was dead dark that no one knew what was going on.

That was when my friend shouted and when hubby saw he couldn’t get my chest he now went to my right legs and lap and stabbed me more than 10 times.

Ogaaaaaa u no get conscience say na person pikin were labour pain the mama to born u d slaughter so like chicken so oh goshhhhh.I passed out,I collapsed like a building without a foundation,I was helpless like someone without hope, I fainted like a bastard,I died like an orphan (which I am).

I laid down lifeless,breathless and hopeless.I never knew what went wrong.All I heard myself say was calling out my children’s name, my little son Othniel was all in my head,my siblings.

Then I went off.I tried with all the strength God gave to me to stay alive,begging God for help for the sake of my children.

And the Goodnews is He heard the prayers.I woke up hearing voices saying she is back,she is alive,let’s rush her to the hospital.

According to witnesses I was rushed to otop abasi police hospital here in Calabar for first aid then teaching hospital(UCTH)Hours later I went into the theater.

3 surgeries were carried out on me; in the hands, and 1 on the right leg.After weeks the left hand died,sir to infection from the knife used and was amputated on the 20th Jan 2021.

He was arrested and was bailed after 3days and later was rearrested again right now the case is in court,but he was bailed out again.And in the hospital money for surgery was needed during my stay there, I still called him oh, he said he was coming with the money, the money needed was over 300k and uncle came with 20k …funny right?

Yes it is funny.I screamed, I talked oga abuse me oh calling me the names he is used to and even wanted to beat me oh if not for my brother and cousin.

I have caught him countless times with women,even on our bed when courting,na condoms I want talk that will be scattered round my house.

Even when in the hospital, after my discharge, I needed to pick something urgent from his house, I saw condoms and man power drugs in his bags.

I smiled but this is someone that sees me as a cheat oh.Anytime I ask for money he will say he doesn’t have it but I will see alerts sent to women in thousands of naira and hundreds of thousands, but madam no fit see 1k collect… tell me why I shouldn’t hustle for my money?

Now he has kept me handless,how do I cook and hustle to take care of myself as I use to?Cos me am not a begging type oh.

How do I deal with this now?Cost of prosthetics is in millions, where poor pikin like me go take this kind money from after millions have already been spent na? See me see wahala ohhhh.

We got married 2018, 24th Nov. we did our HIV test and we summited negative.But discovered this young man has been HIV positive and been on drugs since 2017 and when Roselyne asked he said he owes me no explanations, let alone apologies.

Na so I carry myself run go hospitals for test oh and then did same for me son, including Navy hospital… Yet I never left and I never cheated.I suffered a big deal but since I look troublesome.

People say, yes she is the cause. Even some maternal family members sees me as that…But he humbles himself… He is the angel and am the demon.

But una see this God he is NOT stupid. He kept me alive for a purpose and it has to be fulfilled.

My total restoration is as a result of just 2 special people 1st God and the Second yet to be revealed.

I can’t thank this 2 people enough.And my siblings too I heart u all.And my school mates, groups and all I appreciate u all.For you all that needed the story.Here it is.Collect am”

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