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HUDDAH MONROE artificially restores her virginity – ‘Clients’ will be forced to pay her top dollar

Socialite Huddah Monroe admitted that she lost her virginity to Prezzo quite a while back however she has regained her chastity through artificial means.

The socialite took to social media to promote a herbal stick that she asserts tightens the cookie.

She further lauded the herbal stick and asserted it restores virginity in ladies.

“RICH P$$Y @richbeauty on zeeee way! We tighten that v#gina with no surgery. Even if you have 10 kids out of your v&gina . We will bring it back like you never had s3x in your whole entire life .

This is a #SECRET kept away from many because you know us as women hate to see each other thrive lol! But I’m bringing it out and I want y’all to keep your marriage. Your relationships forever ……,” she wrote.

She further claims that the product is great as promoted and that it has no side effects, stressing that she has actually been using it herself.

“It’s clinically certified and it’s herbal. No chemicals. You foool. I use it myself do I look like I have inflamed v4gina. If you don’t have anything to say keep your mouth shut,” Huddah Monroe responded to a critic.