How To Get A Lady During The Cold Seasons.

So you are there all bored in your mancave and the weather is so chilly that you can’t even go out for a smoke or cold beer.

And then your mind runs from left to right in some super speed trying to shoot an idea to kill the loneliness.

A random thought hits you, you need a girl right there with you, but wait, you are always scared of approaching ladies for maybe fear of rejection.

Worry no more though cause we’ve got you on this and getting a lady to call yours will be an easy pizzey.

First, if you live in an estate, obviously there are ladies around. Quick fact, ladies love evening walks so don’t go hunting in the afternoon or morning.

You see that mama mboga, go hang around and wait for those chilles. Remember, you have to be bold, you don’t want to appear a weakling.

When it’s already evening, take a shower and don’t forget the teeth, wear clean clothes, apply some perfume, comb the beards and the shoe should send a message.

Wait at the mama mboga, the wine joint or the mutura spot, the secret is not to talk too much otherwise you will look like a total jeark. Spot the lady, offer to buy her what she was coming to get, get her number, call (NOT TEXTING) after 3 hours then start the mission.

Invite her for coffee after 3 days. Treat her like a queen and even if she has a boyfriend, she won’t tell you cause you are treating her well. You were interested in her not her boyfriend, right?

And by the way, everyone is dating nowadays, so what you do is snatch and move on to the next.

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