“How the Arsenal vs Man united game made me mint thousands that I can spend a whole month without working and still live a good life” A Kenyan man now claims

The most anticipated and hyped match of the English football league ended 3-1 in favor of
Arsenal. Martin Kilonzo says he took this match as a chance to make millions. The 40-year-old
man from Machakos County says he used sh 50,000 and staked a weird bet that gave gim sh
750,000 courtesy of unmentioned Kenyan betting site.

“I placed Rashford to score, rice to score and Gabriel to score. This was not guess work, but I
was moved by my personal instincts about this bet. I knew I would reap big not that I’m a good
match analyzer but because I got betting luck. No one believed that I had won this cash until I
sent my colleague who we were watching the match with sh 20,000 to his Mpesa, he had just
lost a bet due to ignorance and lack of betting luck,” Martin says.
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