How Scary Evil SPIRITS Outcasted Us From The Society And Later Named Witchcrafts. -

How Scary Evil SPIRITS Outcasted Us From The Society And Later Named Witchcrafts.

We lived in Vihiga County western Kenya where according to our customs and traditions, when a person dies, death rituals were done.

Unfortunately when we buried our uncle no rituals were done to cleanse the dead. So what was expected of this was that the dead would haunt us after sometime.

We would not sleep in peace since some of us had nightmares like I personally had a dream of my uncle’s spirit chasing me with a maze. My sister would complain she too was being chocked at night.

My little brother would at times scream forcing everyone to be awake the whole night. This happened for a long time. When darkness came we were all scared for we knew it was really going to be a busy night.

We slept leaving lights on for we were scared of the dark, My brother who was named after my dead uncles name was the most affected as he could sleep walk causing harm to us, as he once bite my other sibling by the shoulder and when asked during the day what had gone astray, he had no account of what happened. This continued for a very long time.

No one wanted to be associated with our family this is because they thought we had witchcraft related powers that had turned against us; we were also barred from communal activities like chief camp meetings which mostly discussed security situation of our village.

Some of our neighbors even accused us falsely that we kept snakes, Hyenas and tortoises for witchcraft purposes; we were really in our own world of despair.

At school all the teachers side-lined us for they had all the information associating us with witchcraft we had nowhere to run to, as time went by my mother would faint by the kitchen while cooking and she would even behave like a person affected with epilepsy.

When we thought we had hope, my dad also would at times care and chase us running after us with a machete, we would even sleep by the road side or in the bush for no one would invite us, and putting in mind they all knew we were associated with witchcraft.

Each moment we walked to social places like markets, we would see people running away. Some would even talk in small tones telling each other that the sorcerers had arrived.

We were shocked when one day we were all arrested and taken to the police custody for accused death of our neighbor’s child.

But when a postmortem was done to access the cause of that neighbors child death, it was found that he haddied of pneumonia. We were later released.

As time went by my dad, would even talk to imaginary people on a loud voice.

We tried to interrogate him and at least find whom he talked to, he would threaten to hung all of us, he went to the extent of removing his clothes on day light which was a taboo for a child to see his father’s nakedness.

I was shocked what was really wrong with this family. Our neighborhood would even say they heard sounds of wailing cats past mid night hours.

We were once attacked by our neighborhood just within the village who claimed we were the barricade or certain natural events like scarcity of rain; they destroyed all our maize plantations by our farm, burned our houses and even auctioned our cattle.

We had to move to a new place that we would get zero disturbances. In our new place of residence, we met Veronica an old lady who was approximately 79years, She talked and walked swiftly despite her age.

My mum shared with her what we had been going through and surprisingly Veronica said it was just a mere thing to kiwanga doctors who had a solution.

Assisted by Veronica we communicated to kiwanga doctors kiwanga doctors.

A day after the communication with kiwanga doctorswe saw a sign of relief there were no signs of night mares amongst our family, Later our former chief called us and informed us to return back to our original home.

We found a permanent house build. It was really a sign of relief.

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