How my sisters in laws threw me out but my husband came for me. -

How my sisters in laws threw me out but my husband came for me.

My name is Catherine Wanjiru from kangema.

I used to be a private school teacher in Nairobi but I quit my job to venture into farming back to our shamba in the village.My husband is in Nairobi and I live with the children in the village.

Two of my sister in laws are divorced and they also live in the village.When the saw how well I was doing well in farming they grew jealous and they started fighting me.

They would accuse me of being a witch and said I was stealing their land just because my mother in law had allocated me a bigger portion of land.

They would mistreat me and my children, they even destroyed pipes I used to pump water from the river to my farm. One day I woke up and found they had harvested all my tomatoes and sold them claiming it was on their land.

I felt bad because my husband never defended me.One day they threw me out and locked my house. I had to go home to my mother.

After telling my mother what I had been going through she told me about a traditional doctor Dr. Kiwanga who would make my marriage firm.

After consulting him the next day my husband came and took me home. He was very tough on his sisters and told them if they ever touched me he would personally throw them out.

I lived peacefully from then on and no one ever crossed my lanes thanks to Kiwanga doctors.

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