How my husband threw me out of his house like a plagued dog.

One evening my husband returned home and called me in the living room for a discussion which degenerated into a domestic tiff when he stood up, banged the table and asked me to be ready to leave his home.

He mentioned that he nolonger feels comfortable living with me as his wife and that he was already planning to bring in a new woman. I had to therefore start making arrangement to hastily leave his home as soon as possible.

So next day I called my mom at home and told him about this development when she advised me to leave that man alone and travel home very fast since he could go ahead and harm me. was one of my lowest time and even thought of taking away my own life which had become too unforgiving. I asked myself what wrong thing I had done to my man to make him chase me way like a wild dog. I tried to ask him to tell me what sin I had actually committed but he refused and stood his ground that I should leave out.

I gave in and traveled back to my home where my mother received me well and sat with me for hours telling me that life should never end with such a drama promising to take me somewhere for help. She took me to a renowned witchdoctor Mugwenu.

But after I met the Sangoma, that dream of getting my husband back became possible He cast a Get my ex-husband Love Spell which would make my hubby remember all the love he had for me.

And in less than 74 hours after the spell, my hubby called me for the first time since our divorce and he said he had missed me. He came over to my house and we made love. We got back together and decided to rebuild what had been broken and I am very happy. A million thanks to Doctor Mugwenu.

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