How My Betting Nightmare Turned To A Win Dream.

Betting players everywhere dream of snagging the winning bets and lottery ticket for a multi-million dollar jackpot.

But there’s always a dark side to coming into a windfall of a sudden wealth if you are not careful when betting and in reality, though your chance of winning is pretty slim, you always have a better chance of getting struck by lightning before even the bets begin than you do of winning a Mega millions but eventually someone or some people win.

I have a betting and gambling addiction, let’s say problem but I can’t admit it.

I started off when I was 15 and now I am 30 and still struggle to gamble as I have been gambling every single day since I was 15.

Everything was going so good in the beginning, that was until the looses started to add up and the debts started to rise.

I would lose paycheck’s and feel sick after and have no money to eat food. It is the most embarrassing feeling in the world never having any money in your pocket or wallet when you’re out with your partner and trying to make them pay for stuff whilst your making up an excuse why you have no money.

There were days where I felt ashamed and disappointed but I was also proud of the progress I had in my years.

Years and years passed but as time went by the addiction still lurked every now and then. I used to wake up feeling like a complete loser and thinking this might be it.

This might be my one lifetime luck and maybe I would get this. I was stuck between loose ends but I could find myself stop.

This is the last time unfortunately I knew very well that this wasn’t my last time until I make Serious life changing choices. I would sit down and write down all the odds with the hope that this time round I would win this.

But I didn’t. Betting was understandably a life changing moment that can cause stress or excitement which could lead to rash decisions and becoming subtstancially welathier to a tiny piece of paper would make my life so much better, I would be so rich.

I was placing as much as 10,000-50,000 bets trying to get it all back but it wasn’t working and all the debts where getting higher and higher.

I was always chasing my losses consistently loosing my part time wage on a monthly basis which resulted into further borrowing for rent and food.

I was also borrowing money from one of my mates who was lending me money, through all my lies why I needed the money so bad.

Being a gambler made me become a compulsive liar and I could find yourself lying over and over just to make yourself feel better.

Even though my wife used to control my money and monthly incomes when I was 26 I always found a way to get the money and gamble.

Always putting myself into a debt which I need to pay back but I never even paid the money. I did do it through lies.

All my nights I could wish to make a stop to this and have a normal life but it seemed hard everytime I tried.

I kept telling myself it’s just numbers and I would make it happen with no time. I was still young to stop this, that’s how I always convinced myself everytime I was going to have a bet.

I just needed to create positive vibes in my mind from time to time but they never worked everytime. I would be stressed, maybe feel anger or even depression.

I felt sorry for myself. I felt like the most horrible and the most stupid person in the world, but the gambling monster in my head had control of my body.

I wasted all my entire youth in gambling and loosing and that’s when my bad attitude towards others grew. I lost my job and everytime I got a new job I always found myself hating it. It was so embarrassing.

Every time I would see money go into my account I would look up the form guide for the next race and deposit it in my betting account.

I wasn’t going to drag myself behind, Yes, I did win sometimes but it wasn’t that much. I would place bets of 5,000 and loose all but other times when I placed of 50 bob i would win about 300 shillings.

But that couldn’t be compared to all the other money I had lost but then you lose it all and keep losing even more. I have no idea how much I’ve spent but would say it’s over 500,000 I feel so guilty.

I told myself I had a problem and I had to fix it myself. I told myself I’d quit. But it’s like a bad relationship you can’t get out of.

I would go back and try it again thinking I was in control, win a little, then next thing I know I had blown thousands of money and I really hated myself. I had kicked all other habits, the habit of drinking, the habit of smoking and even cheating on my wife but nothing was compared to how difficult it was to kick out the habit of gambling.

My bets were turning into nightmares. I had joined a computer study class when I was 31 and one morning when I was going to class I saw a poster about the Kiwanga doctors and I dialed their number.

I explained to them my betting problem and they promised to help me. They explained to me how I would open a new betting account as my last account had bad luck.

I did as they had told me and that week I decided to bet again but this time with 500 shillings. I predicted 18 games and placed my bet and the next day I had my luck. I won 4.5 million shillings.

I couldn’t believe this, As time went by I placed more and more bets and this time round I was winning all.

I even went ahead and started businesses around the town.

Kiwanga doctors had cast a spell and it really worked. They had helped me a lot.

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Thanks to Kiwanga doctors.

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