How Kate Actress Became A Millionaire ,Despite Getting Pregnant at 19 and Failing CPA Terribly.

Catherine Kamau famous as Kate Actress, is one of the actresses in Kenya who have really achieved alot and made it in life. From a humble beginning, Kate is now a big brand that is worth millions of money.

Who is Kate Actress.

She is a very famous actress and content creator in Kenya. She is also the CEO of House of Nyumba cosmetics. Kate was born in Nyahururu 35 years ago.Catherine is married to Philip Karanja and they have 2 children.


The actress has gone to several schools. In Primary she attended to a certain school in Mombasa. Secondary she went to chogoria girls, she was expelled and joined Loreto girls. While at Loreto she emerged Mrs Loreto, and started gaining fame from there.

Getting Pregnant at The age of 19 years.

This happened when she was in Uganda. Her parents had taken her ther for further studies. She met a boy and they fell in love. Within 3 months, she discovered that she is pregnant. This was the end, Kate was forced to drop out of the school.

It was disappointment,but her parents made her understand responsibilities. She was forced to take care of her child, before going back to school again.

Kate Actress Joining KCA University and Failing CPA Terribly.

Kate Actress  got a chance to join KCA. She went to study CPA, which is certificate in accounting. Things got tough for her because she failed terribly. The only unit she passed was business law.

Joining Acting Industry.

Failing CPA wasn’t the end of the journey. Kate got a second chance of going back to school. She went at KMC. While at 2nd year, she dropped out after getting an acting role at Mother in Law at Citizen Tv. She later left and joined Sue and Jonnie on Maisha Magic.

Kate Actress Becoming Brand Ambassador of Big Brands.

While at Mother in Law, she gained fame. Her stage name was Selina. Fame made huge brands to start approaching her. She signed a mega deal with Happic and other brands that paid her well.

Kate Actress
Kate Actress on Netflix /Photo Courtesy

Because of her talent and dope acting Skills. Kate has had a chance to feature in Netflix series. She featured in a film called disconnect. It was a mega film and she gained more fame and also made good money.

Kate Actress Launching her own Here Multimillion Brand

For the love of cosmetics. Kate is the CEO her cosmetic company known as House of Humba.It is a lipcare company. It has gained fame and performing very well. She has invested a lot in the company and her products are of high quality.