When my husband died in 2014, I thanked God. I would have cried but that would have been selfish. The
guy had courageously battled cancer for close to seven years and it was only fair for him to rest. He had
fought a battle and finished the race.
However, as he rested, those of us left in this world had to suffer over the mistakes he had met. It
happened that my husband had not processed the title deed for the land we were staying on. He had died
while in the process of procuring the very important document.
Immediately after his death, we received some weird visitors, a man who introduced himself as a senior
staff at KRA said he had bought the land before my husband and we should therefore vacate. He even
showed as the title deed.
When we went to the person who sold us the land, he refused to see us. We were given a one month order
to vacate our home and our land. I almost died that time, I had lost my husband and now I was losing my
What had the world come to.
But I didn’t panic. I decided to seek the services of Dr Mugwenu, a popular herbalist in Kenya. Mugwenu
promised to help me.
A week after visiting the Doctor, we received calls from the court that the senior KRA official had been
arrested for forgery. We were directed to the Ministry of lands where our title deed was waiting for us.
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