How I saved my brother from being a victim of homosexual a few months after joining a boy’s school

My name is Fidel and am from Kitui 34 years of age. After losing our parents who died in a road
accident, as a firstborn I took the responsibility to ensure that all my young siblings get an
education since we come from an able family. I raised all of them well unlike Dommy, our
second last born who recently joined his secondary boys boarding school after passing his
exams. Since I believed that he had passed his exams well, he deserved to go to a county
national school.

Nevertheless, a few months after he joined the school, I started receiving calls from teachers
complaining about the immoral behavior my brother had started showing and he had started
getting involved homosexual. At first, I never believed what I was being told by the teacher as I
considered his words as pure lies. The calls continued to come through from school and I was
informed that my brother had become a pure homosexual addict and there was no way he
could leave the act any time sooner.

I linked up to him using his teacher’s phone but he declined the matter so I was not sure who is
saying the truth between my brother and his teacher. But at some points, I believed the
teachers were saying the truthful thing. I wanted to be so sure and I made my way to school
and when I reached there, I met him and had a discussion with him with regard to the
allegations. He still insisted that all were lies. I warned him against it and assured me that he
was not a victim of homosexual.

When I went back home, two days later I was called and informed about the same. I had no
idea how I could help him stop my brother’s weird behavior. I was on the brink of giving up and
stopping paying his school fees but one of my friends advised me to contact a traditional and
professional herbalist called Dr. Mugwenu who through his spell-casting powers, would help my
brother end homosexual and concentrate on his studies.
I called Dr. Mugwenu and booked an appointment with him, I went and met him the following
day for a life-changing spell in my brother’s life. I went alone without my brother but still, Dr.
Mugwenu still cast the spell and assured me that it would work successfully. Three days later, I
believed Dr. Mugwenu’s words as my brother called me using a teacher’s phone asking for
forgiveness for lying to me and confessing he has stopped being homosexual with immediate
effect. I was very happy that I managed to save his entire life and he is now doing the best in his
studies. Thanks to Dr. Mugwenu.

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