I was working in a big company as a janitor for many years because it was the only source of income I had. I struggled day and night to make a living. My wife was a babysitter her immune condition wasn’t good and the doctors warned her of doing heavy jobs so mostly the whole family dependent on me.At times I had to quit going to job only to attend to my sick wife each time I had to make excuses at work for me to be allowed to go home.

All this never went for so long as my wife condition worsen and when I took her to hospital she was pronounced dead. To me it was the shock of my life and saddest day because the one who encouraged and made my life to move on left me. My kids got affected too but all of us had no choice but to accept the situation at hand.After the burial I resumed work and also took care of my kids because I was the only available guardian for them.

Each day I worked more harder to make extra money for my children and also myself, my manager used to have a good communication with me but after I resumed job she became a pain in the ass because everything I did to her wasn’t satisfactory. I continued with all her humiliation and working under harsh rules.One day I was still working when she summoned for me.

I left what I was doing and went to her office I thought I was going to get a chance for promotion so that I can be able to pay my kids school fees on time. What shocked me most I found her naked and seated seductively facing me I couldn’t wait to talk more with her as I just rushed outside because I knew her manners very well she was always promiscuous.

Next day at work was hell she yelled at me so much. I had no choice but keeping quiet remembering it was my main source of living. As she continued ranting hateful words towards me I felt a log hitting me from behind and when I woke up I found myself inside a warehouse with her sitted on a chair as if she was waiting for me to wake up and that’s when I realized I had bandage on my head.

I struggled to sit upright but the pain was too much for me to bear. I tried speaking and telling the lady to let me go because I can never love her but all this was answered by a hot slap on my cheeks. After negotiating and arguments for long she spoke words that left my mouth with a gape and my minds wondering.

“I always loved you since the first day you got employed I used all means to get you into my pants but you rejected me all along, I pretended to sympathize with your late wife’s situation and went I heard that dumpass has died I was so happy ,she left you so that I can enjoy my precious time with you but here you are giving me headache and excuses, well you have refused me what will follow after this you will come begging for my help,” she finished with those words.

I went home the words ringing in my ears. I was almost hit by a car because I was deep in my thinking and let them go due to the situation at hand it wasn’t easy but remembering my kids I had to be strong. For a full week I had peace because the witch of a manager was not around, the following week another storm came when I reached my work place I found all my colleagues already at work and waiting for me ,the boss called for a meeting and that is when he said something was missing and I was the one responsible and that was the last day of me working there.

I felt embarrassed and shame but I dragged myself outside and said goodbye to my workplace inside my heart knowing I never took anything.Life became so hard and unbearable until I met an old friend who introduced me to Kiwanga doctors. I called them and told them my problem and how urgent I needed a job. I was told not to worry as I will get a job.

I was sittted in my house when I received two messages from two companies wanting me to work for them whether I was not qualified it was not a problem to them. I was very happy and I thank kiwanga doctors for the good work,they also treat diseases and have white magic.

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