How I came to know that my wife had a baby who was not mine.

I am Kiragu from Nyeri and I got married to my longtime fiancée Isabel who also comes from Nyeri. While were in college we got a baby but unfortunately I have never been sure if the baby was mine.

So recently I wanted to confirm if the baby was mine before we can finally settle down as a couple but my girlfriend has been dodging me left right and center. I failed to understand why she could be dodging such a simple DNA exercise., I decided to consult some of my workmates who told me about using traditional means without her knowledge to conform the paternity of the kid. My colleagues insisted that this method can work so perfectly and I would never regret.

In my life, I have never tried any traditional method to even treat Malaria. Not even my parents have ever tried visiting a herbalist in their entire life but because desperate times calls for desperate decisions, I finally gave it try. I went to meet Mugwenu Traditional Doctor as they(friends) had proposed to me. The medicine man does so many things. Mugwenu specializes in other areas of business such as increasing awareness of business opportunities, networking, enhancing communication and negotiation skills and ensuring debtors pay. To get you out of the financial ruin, Mugwenu is sure to help you gain return the lost wealth, increase your good luck and attract riches i.e. winning the lottery.

Infact looking at his profile, he has helped so many people with their life issues to a successful conclusion. I was convinced to talk to him about my challenges and he helped me up by doing some Spell work that would help me know if really the baby was mine or was not.

Interestingly with the use of his accurate Spells, when I returned home, the lady opened up so fast telling me the child was not mine but I forgive her since she could not get the father who is already married. I  could not believe my eyes!

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