How Fistula Stigmatized my Wife Just After Her Firstborn.

It is a disease that causes harm to many women since it really demeans their wellbeing. I confirmed this.

Even though she safely delivered, the disorder left her in a shameful state. Since I really loved her and we had vowed nothing was to separate us, I had to be around her at any given time so that I could support her physically and emotionally at each moment.

I had never experienced this menace with my relatives either my mum or sisters at any given time and for sure, it really gave us both hard times. Her vaginal cavity had erupted. Breast feeding was also a problem since she would feel pain of fistula.

Each time she went for short call she would carry a whole roll of tissue paper for some of the waste would go the other side. At some point, she would even urinate in her pants as she had no breaks to stop due to the disorder.

Since I was not that rich, I had no money to employ a house help for it was going to be expensive. We travelled long distances seeking for help but no one came our way to show is the way.

The clergies who each Sunday casted out demons were also not able to end this health complication. Some fake herbalists only took my money without any meaningful help.

My parents had always tried traditional herbs to cure but all was in vain. My wife was despised by her friends. I was also mocked out there by neighbours.

One day, I met Eunice, a close friend to my wife who visited our place to checkup on her. She said she had found a solution to my wife problems.

She said Kiwanga doctors could solve that menace within two days. I did not hesitate and the following morning we went at Kiwanga’s offices.

My wife was attended to and after just three days, the shit stopped. Friends flocked our house to confirm how we had recovered; they could not believe.

Thanks to Kiwanga Doctors for their good works.

Besides Fistula, they also treat sexual transmitted infections such as Syphilis, Gonorrhea among others just in three days.

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