How Dorcas Gachagua Rose From A Househelp to 2nd Lady of Kenya. -

How Dorcas Gachagua Rose From A Househelp to 2nd Lady of Kenya.

Here is an Inspiring story of how Dorcas Gachagua Rose From A Househelp to the 2nd lady.

Dorcas just came into the limelight in 2022 August when her husband  Rigathi Gachagua was declared the deputy president of Kenya. The two have been together for 35 years and they have a very strong bond , there love life is just amazing.

The background of Dorcas Gachagua, however, is something that most people are unaware of. They first settled in Kiandutu, but she was born in Murang’a.

She enrolled in Alliance Girls High School and St. Francis Girls after finishing basic school.

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She excelled very well and joined Kenyatta university, where she pursued Degree in Education. She always wanted to be a lawyer but unfortunately that didn’t Happen.

The Hardships Dorcas Gachagua has been through .

The country’s 2nd lady revealed that she lost her father at a very younger age. Therefore her mother, was forced to raise her plus her 7 siblings alone. This was the hardest time in her life and she even thought that she will never be successful.

They used to work at coffee farm, sell water to people .At one point, she was even forced to become a househelp so that she can make a living. She said that back then she was just open to doing any job so that she can help her mother to make money.

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How Dorcas Gachagua Rose From A Househelp to 2nd Lady.

After hustling and completing her degree education, she got a job at Cooperative bank of Kenya. Here she used to work at the department of Agriculture. While working here , she met her husband Rigathi Gachagua when she had gone to president Moi’s delegation in Kabarnet.

Since the first day she met Rigathi, the two developed feelings for each other and they ended up dating and later becoming a husband and wife.

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She then quited her job in 2007 and became a supervisor of their family businesses. Now she is quiting the job and she is going to fully concentrate on being a pastor. She is an ordained woman of God.

She said that it is through God’s grace that her husband is the deputy president of Kenya. She is ready to serve the duties of the 2nd lady. The two lover birds have two boys who are adults. One is a doctor and another one is a software engineer.