How 6 years Old Grade 1 kid "TT Comedian" , Makes Ksh. 3Million per Month -

How 6 years Old Grade 1 kid “TT Comedian” , Makes Ksh. 3Million per Month

Terence Mwamadi, popularly known as TT Comedian, is a renowned online comedian from Kenya. Despite being only six years old, he has garnered immense fame and popularity not only in Kenya but across Africa. He is often compared to other young comedians like Emmanuella and Auntie Success from Nigeria, who star in the famous Mark Angel Comedy.

TT is currently the most subscribed online comedian in Kenya, with over 823k subscribers on YouTube. His subscribers come from different parts of the world, making him a global sensation. As a result, he has been able to earn millions of dollars from the platform.

Recent statistics reveal that TT earns a whopping KSH. 3 Million per month from YouTube, which translates to a salary range of between KSH. 1 Million to 4.7 Million per month. Remarkably, he only uploads three videos per week and still manages to amass millions of views.

This young comedian is already a millionaire at just six years old, and he is the firstborn in a family of two. He attends grade 1 and resides with his parents in Kitengela/Kajiadoo County. His mother is an actress, while his father is a director, and together they have played a significant role in building TT’s brand and wealth.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, TT went viral, and within just two years of his career, he has already been appointed the brand ambassador of Superloaf, a deal that saw him earn millions of dollars.

In conclusion, TT Comedian is a prodigy whose talent and hard work have paid off remarkably. His story is a testament to the power of talent and determination, and it has inspired many young people to pursue their dreams relentlessly.