He’s Now My Ex’: Karen Nyamu Dumps Samidoh After Dubai Concert Drama

Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu has announced the end of her relationship with Mugithi artist, Samuel Muchoki, also known as Samidoh. In a post on her Instagram Stories, Nyamu explained that the events that occurred in Dubai, where Samidoh was performing, were unfortunate. She stated that she had unprofessionally jumped on stage during his performance, leading to her being removed by bouncers. Nyamu also claimed that Samidoh had sent the bouncers to remove her from the stage.

Many Kenyans criticized Nyamu for her behavior, noting that fighting for a man is outdated and that as a leader representing the youth in the Senate, she should have acted more professionally. In response, Nyamu stated that she has decided to leave Samidoh to protect her image as a legislator. She also admitted that one of the reasons for ending the relationship was to protect her image as a leader.

Nyamu previously blamed her behavior on alcohol and vowed to stop drinking in 2023. However, she had insisted that she would continue having a romantic relationship with the father of her children.