‘He’d saved her as Mum!’ SHOCKED! Jackie Vike reveals about cheating ex

Celebrated Kenyan comedian, brand influencer, and digital content creator, Jackie Vike, recently shared her experience of discovering her partner’s infidelity and the aftermath. In an interview with former Kiss FM radio host Oga Obinna, she revealed that her then-boyfriend had saved his side chick as ‘mum’ in his phone to avoid suspicion.

Jackie recounted how her senses were alerted when his phone rang, and she would innocently inquire, “Babe ni mum anacall.” At first, she didn’t think much of it, assuming he was speaking to his actual mother. However, things soon grew suspicious when he would take the call in a more secluded spot.

One day, curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to check his phone, where she found detailed messages about their intimate encounters. She was taken aback by the betrayal, noting that the other girl was saved as ‘mum’ in his phone, which she found quite disrespectful.

Jackie humorously expressed her preference for being saved by her name rather than as ‘mum’ and mentioned that she might accept it from a street-smart guy from the ghetto, who might have unique names for their partners.

In her story, she revealed that she confronted the other woman out of anger, who genuinely claimed she had no idea about Jackie’s existence. The man had told her that he and Jackie had broken up.

Surprisingly, the man apologized profusely, and Jackie decided to give their relationship another chance, although the betrayal continued to haunt her. Eventually, with the assistance of outside influences, she made the tough decision to end the relationship.