Headteacher Caught In ‘ACTION’ With a Parent who had not paid fees In School Library

A 50-year-old head-teacher from a local school in Bungoma stunned his teachers and pupils on Tuesday evening when he decided to transform the library into a lodging…. CONTINUE READING

The teacher, Mr Mukheshi(not his real name) is said to have been caught in the act in with a parent who had come to school to avail her daughter’s birth certificate copy for the ongoing class eight registration.

The said parent showed up in school not long after mid-day break accompanied by her friend.

She requested that her friend wait in the waiting bench as she was directed to to meet the head teacher at the library by the deputy.

However, she took too long with the said teacher provoking Mary to go in searching for her for the two had planned to go to the market and get a few goodies.

“I waited for a long time and became much impatient” said the friend.

Mary was stunned at what she saw. She Narrates that she found the teacher and her friend in the act with all their clothes on the floor.

She immediately yelled and could be heard saying in Swahili ‘hii ndio kitu mnafanya apa na Mimi nakungoja nje”? (You mean this is what you are doing when am patiently waiting for you?)

The teachers immediately hurried to the library and found the love birds trying to put on their clothes as the lady could be seen trying to cover her face.

“Huyu mother nampatia mtoto wake aibu gani hii?” Mary said.

It took the mediation of different teachers who sent the pupils away and guided the two female parents to the school gate.

Not long after the episode, the teacher is said to have picked his motorbike and left the compound immediately.

Inside sources additionally revealed that the head-teacher has been having this habit for some time and that he learnt the hard way