“Hata kama ni ndogo ilikunyambisha mtoto” Philip Karanja to wife Cate Actress after she mocked him toothpick

Philip Karanja has refuted allegations suggesting that he failed to meet the expectations of his ex-wife, commonly known as Cate Actress.

According to Karanja, Cate Actress is a commanding woman who refuses to submit to any man, making him feel ineffective as a husband within their household. He reminisces about their time together, characterizing the past as a tumultuous episode.

For Karanja, the decision to part ways with Cate Actress proved beneficial, saving him from the brink of enduring prolonged depression during their marriage. He recounts peculiar behaviors exhibited by his ex-wife, particularly in bed, leading him to believe that she might be influenced by malevolent forces.

In a statement, Philip Karanja expressed, “Huyo ni mwanamke sumbua haskizi mwanaume hata kidogo. Sahi anasema Mimi ni toothpick. Hata kama ni ndogo ilikunyambisha mtoto mama” (Translation: “She is a troublesome woman who doesn’t listen to a man at all. Now she says I am a toothpick. Even if it’s small, it satisfied the lady”).

Following their separation, Cate Actress acknowledged the end of their marriage in a media post, clarifying that while their divorce wasn’t a secret, they had chosen to keep it private.