“Hata kama ni ndogo ilikunyambisha mtoto” Philip Karanja After Cate Actress called Him Toothpick

Philip Karanja has refuted allegations suggesting that he failed to meet the expectations of his ex-wife, commonly known as Cate Actress.

According to Karanja, Cate Actress is a commanding and assertive woman who refuses to submit to any man, making it challenging for him to fulfill the role of a husband in their household. He reflects on their time together, characterizing the past as a tumultuous episode.

For Karanja, parting ways with Cate Actress has proven to be a blessing, saving him from the brink of enduring prolonged depression during their marriage. He recollects peculiar behaviors exhibited by his ex-wife, especially during intimate moments, to the extent that he believed she was influenced by malevolent forces.

“Huyo ni mwanamke sumbua haskizi mwanaume hata kidogo. Hata kama ni ndongo ilikunyambisha moto. Wewe unaeza kaa na mtu akimoan kwa kitanda anapiga nduru waaaaaai?” posed Philip Karanja.

After the separation of Phil and Cate Actress, the latter, in a media statement, acknowledged that their divorce was not a concealed matter but a conscious choice to maintain privacy.