Harmonize Replaces Kajala's Tattoo With Mount Kilimanjaro hilarious -

Harmonize Replaces Kajala’s Tattoo With Mount Kilimanjaro hilarious

Tanzanian musician, Harmonize, has covered up the tattoos of his ex-fiancé, Kajala Masanja, and her daughter, Paula, by getting a new tattoo of Mount Kilimanjaro. The artist recently shared a photo of the new tattoo on social media, indicating that he is leaving his past behind as he prepares to embark on a tour.

Harmonize had previously tattooed Kajala and Paula’s faces on his leg after they reconciled last year. However, following their bitter breakup in February of this year, he decided to remove the tattoo and replace it with a new one. The new tattoo, a majestic image of Mount Kilimanjaro, is now proudly displayed on his leg, which the artist considers the pride of Tanzania.

Harmonize’s decision to cover up the tattoo of his ex and her daughter is a clear indication that he is moving on from the past. As he gears up for his upcoming tour, he is ready to leave all memories of his previous relationship behind and start afresh.