Hamisa Mobetto Gifts Herself a New Range Rover Velar

Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto is ecstatic after acquiring a brand new Range Rover Velar. Initially, she had intended to celebrate this special gift in private, but she ultimately decided to share her joy with others, considering the immense effort she had put into achieving it.

In an Instagram video, Hamisa expressed her excitement, stating, “Okay, so guys, I initially intended to enjoy my new baby in private, but then I thought, Why not spread the love? I worked really hard for this 🙌🏽, so I might as well show it off a bit. Congrats to me 💃🏽 🎉🍾! There’s the Range, and then there’s the Velar! 👌🏽GodDiiiid!”

To celebrate her success, Hamisa shared a video on Instagram where she disembarked from a private jet and gracefully walked along a red carpet towards her parked car.

Emphasizing her ownership, Hamisa displayed her exquisite ride adorned with her name, Mobetto, elegantly inscribed on the number plate.

Additionally, the mother of two took to social media to introduce her mystery man to her fans. Through a series of Snapchat stories, Hamisa Mobetto revealed a picture of herself alongside a man whom she affectionately referred to as ‘my man.’

“To this man right here, I love you beyond words. And I hope you will always feel that, even when I am not around to tell you so.”

It is worth noting that this is not Hamisa’s first encounter with a Range Rover. In 2022, she received a brand new Range Rover as a gift from her unnamed lover. Although she did not mention the giver of her recent gift by name, Mobetto shared videos capturing the moment of surprise when she received the luxurious car.