GOODLUCK SPELL; Family dispute over flat.

First of all I would like to thank Kiwanga Doctors for the authentic service they provide and the powerful spells that they offer.

I went to Kiwanga Doctors seeking help in regards to our family dispute over a flat. I was trying to find a solution to my problem and was wondering where I would get help, yet the answer came from Kiwanga Doctors.

Here is my story.

My parents used to own a big flat worth over 100 million in Eldoret city. They bought the flat from an Indian business man who had lost interest in staying in Kenya and wanted to return to Mumbai to join his family, so from the savings they had as public servants, they bought this flat.

Apparently the flat has 12 rooms which are being rented out individually and my parents not wanting to be involved anymore, decide that they want to pass it on to my 3 siblings and me or sell it.

We all knew that the flat was going to increase on value through years due to its size and location so we didn’t want our parents to sell it. As I mentioned, we are 4 siblings namely Joseph, Didan, Okoth and Charles.

Didan and Okoth are twins while Charles is the last born and me as the elder of them all. We all live in different countries as Charles had moved to Uganda because that is where he works from while Didan stays in Tanzania.

It was therefore not easy to be in the same room at the same time (last times it was at their weddings) and we all are very different and have a different opinions as regards the future of the flat.

Initially I wanted to move to Eldoret city, manage the tenants and make some reforms on the flat and I also take 2 rooms and adding a bathroom, and open kitchen to live there comfortably – hence meaning that 10 rooms will still be available to be rented.

The cost of the reform had been totaled to around 100 thousand Kenya shillings which I was willing to pay. However our dad would like me to make the reforms when the flat belongs to my siblings and I.

He wanted us to agree on the reforms, on who would pay for it, if I will have to pay rent or if I will live rent free in exchange of managing the flat. I understood my father’s perspective and figure it would be fair that the flat belongs to all of us and we get to make a unified decision on the prospects of the flat.

I tried countless times convening my brothers for a meeting, however in over 5 years, no one had managed to make up time.

Hence I thought I was being too hard on them as I was calling them to attend a physical meeting. We then resorted to Whatsapp meeting and phone call meetings, however there would always be an excuse as to why the meeting shouldn’t continue or be held.

Deep inside me, I had a deep conviction that it would be close to impossible to all agree on any decision, we would have many discussions along the way as we don’t see eye to eye and have different views on almost everything.

However I decided to keep on pushing and persuading my siblings into the idea of meeting to decide on the fate of the flat.

Meanwhile as all of this was going on, early in March 2019 I had taken out a construction loan with my bank as I was hoping to have started on the reforms. I had no evidence or proof of the fact that I had used the money for the same particular reason I had gotten it.

I needed a decision very fast out of my siblings and without fail I anxiously wanted them to let me carry out the reforms. On the cards o my deck, I needed a quick and assured way of getting them to meet and decide.

Normally I call Kiwanga Doctors whenever I have an issue with my personal life or in any occasion that deems fit. I call Kiwanga Doctors requesting for a good luck spell. The Doctors agree and soon get on with releasing for me the powers.

Two weeks after the spell, I received phone calls and communications from my siblings agreeing to my plan. I proceed and inform our dad who gladly accepted to sign for me. I started the reforms just in time for the bank to find me in compliance.

Thank you Kiwanga Doctors for all the support you give to us.

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