Girl who was missing for a month found inside her boyfriend’s room “Rosecoco Imegurwa Vizuri Hataki Kurudi Nyumbani”

A young woman in her early twenties, missing for an entire month, was recently discovered in her boyfriend’s room, as captured in a trending video. The footage shows the lady’s brothers confronting and physically handling her boyfriend, who allegedly kept her captive in his room for the past month….CONTINUE READING

Despite being caught in the act, the boyfriend vehemently denied accusations of kidnapping, going so far as to reject any claims of a romantic involvement with the missing woman.

On social media, observers expressed skepticism about the unfolding events. Some questioned the authenticity of the situation, pointing out the girl’s laughter in the video and suggesting that the family might not be disclosing the whole truth.

User @Omega commented, “Why was she laughing? The family has not told us the truth.”

Meanwhile, @the1peprah remarked, “The babe too dey laugh laugh hmm.”

Another user, @_fiifiAgyiri, criticized the missing woman’s family, suggesting negligence in her upbringing. The comment read, “You no go train your sister well. Nanka, by this time, how can a girl of this age leave the house for a month? It is now you dey slap somebody, as if she no go go make them pipe am again. Mo dier mo nfa mo gyimie no nsei mo nua nketewa no saaa. Mmoa.”

@lomi_everywhere questioned the violence directed at the boyfriend, expressing a reluctance to support such actions. The user wrote, “Why you dey beat the guy. Me like ano go gree ooo like we go dirty wanna body for there. Mmoa… The girl en face sef dey look like she willing came no bro force am.”