Giant Snake Pop Up As Cheating Couple Have Illicit Sex In A Nairobi Hotel (VIDEO)

Drama and terror engulfed hotel staff in Nairobi after a very bizarre incident ensued in one of the rooms of the hotel.

A man and woman had checked in the hotel and booked a room and the hotel staff did not quite bother to ask them if they were married but allocated them room 25 of the hotel based in Nairobi.

Thirty minutes after the man and woman began their lungula in the hotel, screams started emanating from the room and the employees rushed to the scene to check what was going on in room 25.

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On opening the door, they found the couple stuck at their genitals as they were having crazy sex. They were in so much pain and the staff opted to help unlock the couple who were naked and in great agony.

As they were getting near the bed to try and unlock the man and woman, a giant snake popped up to prevent the hotel employees from helping the agonizing couple.

“We were so scared after a gigantic snake showed up out of nowhere and we all ran away and could not even help the stuck couple,” said one of the employees.

Luckily, one staff recognized the woman and said he knew her husband. He called her husband and told him that his cheating wife was in the hotel stuck to another man while having sex. Her husband quickly rushed to the hotel to see the horrific scene of his wife stuck with another man.

On reaching the hotel and seeing his wife in bed with another man in front of giant snake, the husband told the hotel manager that he had suspected his wife of cheating and thus sought the services of traditional herbalist called Doctor Mugwenu. Black Screaming Prayer Images - Free Download on Freepik

Doctor Mugwenu cast a spell that stuck the two lovers and the snake appeared to teach the cheating couple a good lesson. The husband called Doctor Mugwenu who came and unstuck the man and woman. They were so ashamed of what had happened to them such that they did not ever see each other again.

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